Toolbar seems to refer to the currently visible toolbar?

I have an iOSView (call it “Master”) that pushes another iOSView (call it “Detail”). Both iOSViews have a toolbar. I use Interfaces to notify my views of changes that require them to redraw/reconfigure things.

If the user does something in the “Detail” view that causes a notification to be sent to the “Master” view, and the “Master” view executes:


the “Detail” view’s toolbar is removed, I assume because it is the currently visible Toolbar.

Even if the “Master” view does:


the “Detail” view’s toolbar is removed.

I can work around it by setting a flag to not do this if the “Detail” view has been Push(ed) but it seems a bit kludgy…

Is there another way to refer to the-toolbar-in-the-view-that-I’m-executing-the-code-in ?