Toolbar Resizing Itself

Hey all,

I have a web tool bar that I have added to my page. I have set its height to be 56 pixels. It’s a nice size and works for what I am trying to do. I normally have the tool bar hidden off screen. However, when the user brings the mouse up toward the top of the screen, I have an animator that moves the toolbar into place. Then when the user moves the mouse away, the toolbar hides again.

That works great. However, it appears the framework is trying to resize my toolbar to 100 pixels! Nowhere am I setting the height to 100 pixels. In fact, I am having to force it to 56 pixels by repeatedly setting the height, but even then it doesn’t always seem to work. I decided I would put code in the resize event to set the height if it wasn’t equal to what I wanted. Nope, that doesn’t do it either.

Why is the framework trying to force a 100 pixel height on me? The toolbar looks really stupid at that point…

Note: If I don’t move the toolbar with the animator, but leave it fixed, then it’s fine. It’s something in moving it that gets screwed up.

You would not happen to use RubberViewsWE in that project by any chance ? You can use an Auto Layout constraint to keep the ToolBar at 56 pixels.

Uh, yeah, but why would RubberViews interfere with an animation? I haven’t resized the page…

It would indeed only do it in case of a resize.

It’s a good thought though. I’ll check the rubber views code to see if it’s resizing the control. And still the rubber views code would trigger the resize event in the control. That doesn’t appear to be happening which is why I surmised it is framework related…

If you suspect RubberViews simply add the toolbar to the Ignores property. Then if it still resizes, you will know it comes from the framework.