Toolbar on Windows

I have a Menu and a Toolbar. In Windows when the toolbar is visible it paints a horizontal line across its top such that it looks like the Menu has a horizontal line underneath it, there are no other lines to make a full border, just the one at the top. Does anyone know of a way to get rid of the line? (please don’t say use OS X, I know it looks great in OS X :wink: )

They looks the same, regarless of the running OS. I just checked on a project of mine that runs on XP / OS X…

Is the bar you are complaining also exists in the Explorer ?

The black line between the menubar and the toolbar is is what I would like to get rid of in picture (1) below. Hiding the toolbar removes the black line as you can see in (2) so I am assuming that the black line belongs to the toolbar. In (3) MS put a faint line below the menubar and of course Xojo is a ‘special’ case with no line.

(1) My app’s menubar with toolbar showing:

(2) My app’s menubar with toolbar hidden:

Just for reference (3) Windows File Explorer:

and (4) Xojo:

I have that very same horizontal line in the Explorer:
go there to get the image: *

I placed three images all with that horizontal line (h-line):
Explorer with h-line.png
Acrobat Reader also have one h-line.png
A bunch of ToolBar Icons and h-line.png

Explorer and Acrobat screen shots with the horizontal line,
A screen short of an actual project with two toolbar icons and a partial view of an Explorer window with that h-line;
The black rectangle icon is in fact an empty rect image. Windows XP (only ?) do not like empty images or images without surrounding stuff (a routed image ?).
a routed image: worldtrans gaves me that for an image where you remove any surrounding color. When you place that image on a background, no external white ‘rectangle’ appears around that image.

When I click in the image icon (with the image in the Clipboard), all I get is gliberish !
When I provide a MediaFire link, I do not get the image.
How one is supposed to add an image in the reply ?

Well looks like I am stuck with the horrible line from the toolbar :frowning:

I can link to your image by viewing in in the Mediafire viewer and then right-clicking the image and selecting ‘Copy Image URL’. If you try to get a link from the folder viewer the link is not good.

works but
does not work because it is a link to the Mediafire viewer

Working image link below:

I hope this helps

Maybe replace the toolbar with a Canvas, or a Rectangle without a border?

The Xojo IDE uses a special toolbar. If you notice you can even center and right align in the one they use. I would really love it if they would replace the toolbar control we have with the one in the IDE.


Thank you for the tip.

That line is certainly added by Windows (unfortunately).