Toolbar item spacing

According to the language reference the toolbar object allows you to insert spaces between objects but NOT in windows. My question is how have others here overcome this issue? The Xojo IDE toolbar is spaced (Left Aligned, Center Aligned AND Right Aligned).


insert some tool buttons
insert a ToolStyleFlexibleSpace
Insert some more tool buttons

First set is left aligned… 2nd set is right aligned

As the documentation states, it doesn’t work on Windows. I wish it would.

You’d have to ask MS to make it work

Yeah, I know. That’s why I never filed a bug report on it. And, as we all know, filing one with MS is practically useless.

Ever filed one with Apple ?
I’m not sure which one of Apple or MS has a worse process to deal with.

That was what I was figuring. I wish the Windows feature set was as good as the Mac one. I am starting to like Xojo/RealStudio as a language but sorely miss the Visual Studio component features. It seems that so often we just have to either manually build or buy things for what are typically considered standard features in other languages.