Toolbar icons cut off in windows, but not Mac

My windows woes continue. I am using the toolbar function built into Xojo and it works and looks great. I have a lot of icons and when the window is resized too small, the mac will create a nice little sub-menu to access the hidden icons. However, on windows it will just chop off and hide any icon that won’t fit on a shortened windows.

Any suggestions? Thanks :slight_smile:

Screen shots ?

Set the minimum Window width accordingly?

That is the simplest answer. When I discovered the Mac version puts a cute little sub-menu I was like, what the hey, lets add more icons for people who have very wide resolutions. Well, windows doesn’t seem to do that cute little menu…

You could manage the size of icons yourself in the resized even fairly easily, to get the cute mini menu.

The default icon size is 32x32, you could have a set of icons 16x16, and replace all the icons below a certain window size.

Frankly, I personally would not bother. Sascha’s solution is the most reasonable.

Write it as a suggestion to some of the plugin makers (some do ToolBars) …