Toolbar control

On windows when I drag a toolbar control onto my desktop project it has a nice black circle with a slash through it no matter where in the editor pane I move it. I can drag this control aaaallll the way across to the navigator & create a subclass but I just simply want to add a toolbar to my window. According to the LR I should drag this to the “paste area” which I’m assuming is in the editor pane, but not on the window itself, but neither of those work.

What am I doing wrong?

Drag it to the navigator
Then drag that subclass to your window
You need to subclass toolbar to be able to add one to a window

From the LR:
NOTE: To add a toolbar to a window, you drag it from the Control List to the Window Layout Editor. However, you do not want to drag it onto the window itself, you should instead leave it in the empty area outside the window. (the Pasteboard). When your application runs, the toolbar is automatically added to the top-left of the window and your controls are shifted accordingly. If you were to align your controls with the toolbar in place on the window, you will get a blank space at the top of the window.

Thanks Norman. I wouldn’t call it intuitive, but I guess I can live with it.

You are right, not intuitive at all. BUT: we will remember the “how to” for quite sometime (months, years ?).


Only toolbar subclasses can be added to a Window. That LR text was referring to Real Studio, which could show subclassed controls in the Control list. Xojo does not show subclassed controls in the Library so you have to drag your subclass in from the Navigator.

In general, I’m trying to remove IDE references from the LR, but I still have quite a bit more of the LR to go through. I’ve removed this incorrect text, though.