Toolbar container reference webpage

I keep getting “This item does not exist” when trying to reference the parent container of a WebToolbarContainer.

pgHome (WebPage)
pgHome.ccCases1 (WebContainer), Instance of ccCases
pgHome.ccCases1.tbCases (WebToolbar)
pgHome.ccCases1.tbCases.ProjectList (WebToolbarContainer), Target = ccTBProject

ccTBProject(WebToolbarContainer(me.ItemWithName("ProjectList")).Container).ParentContainer = Self

ccCases1.SelectProject - Public Sub

ccTBProject.ParentContainer - Property As WebContainer
ccTBProject.LoadProjects - Public Sub that populates the PopupMenu

Here is where I get the “This item does not exist” error. I assume from the tbCases.Open code that ccTBProject.ParentContainer = ccCases1. Am I wrong?

By placing this code in ccCases1.Initialize, I am able to call the ccTBProject.LoadProjects from ccCases1 but I’m stuck on going the other direction (calling {toolbar parent}.SelectProject Public sub from ccTBProject)

Solved it by changing my tactics. I now use Custom Events to go child to parent.

If you embed the container dynamically, the parent property will be Nil. I have a feature request pending to change that. Unfortunatly, I’m not at my PC to give you the number.