Toolbar captions with drop shadows

I’m using Labels for the captions of images I’m placing in the toolbar area of a window (making my own toolbar). These should (on OS X, anyway) have drop shadows. The Xojo IDE captions have them. My question is, is this possible to do with Label controls? Or must one create them in a graphics application and use a canvas? What does Xojo use?

AFAIK you have to do this with a canvas.

Are you sure it should be a drop shadow? As far as I know it should be embossed text, and that’s easy to implement by means of a dark foreground label and a white background label positioned 1 pixel lower.

Yes, that’s exactly the effect I was looking for. Thanks!

I don’t think you do have to use a canvas because you can draw to a picture object which you can then set as a picture for the toolitem. Though you do need to draw the label yourself and draw the whole tool item yourself, AFAIK. :wink: