Toolbar broke? or is LR wrong?

That implies (at least to me) that if you have multiple ToolStyleToggleButton type Toolbuttons… you can set the depressed state on any combination of those buttons. Or their behaviour is similar to a group of CHECKBOXES…

However… I am finding (OSX Cocoa) that they act like RADIOBUTTONS, and ONE and only ONE can be in a depressed state.
That is … Toolbutton(x).pushed=TRUE, automatically sets ALL other toolbuttons to FALSE

So… am I doing something wrong? Or is the LR incorrrect?

I need multiple buttons to show as DEPRESSED

I am sure that When I tried this on Windows a few days ago I could have all buttons pressed because I had to write code to un-press the other buttons whenever a button was pressed. Maybe this is an OS X issue?

it IS an OSX issue. Compiled the program under Win7 and the toolbar buttons act just like Checkboxes… but under OSX they act like RadioButtons…

:slight_smile: How UN-DEPRESSING (sorry) that has to be a first!

Broken on OS X and works properly on Windows, what a way to start the (Bank Holiday) weekend.

No kidding… perhaps it is time to write a proper X-Platform toolbar… All the others I’ve seen are not “native” looking… and as you may recall… one of my projects (actually this project) got slammed for having a “non-OSX looking” toolbar… which is why I went out of my way to use the builtin one… :frowning:

Shhh, let’s not draw attention to this (positive) Windows feature, you know what the fix will be - they will fix the Windows version so that it does not allow all buttons to toggle just so it works the same way as the OS X version :smiley:

Seriously though - I wish Xojo had a OS X like toolbar in Windows, I think the Windows rendering is ugly, it looks so old fashioned. When I looked at a 3rd party toolbar it then looked better on Windows but didn’t do the right thing on OS X (it appeared as a separate flat toolbar). It would be nice is someone provided a good solution, large/small/text-only and user customisable. Thom McGrath are you reading this…?

Thats the native Windows toolbar for you :stuck_out_tongue:
In many ways a bunch of UI issues (like this) is why one of our todo items is to create a .Net framework.
You’d have nicer looking toolbars, proper double buffering (reduced flicker if it would exist at all) and a host of things that actually make .Net apps look decent and behave a lot more like the OS X ones where you can do all kinds of nice compositing etc.

Basically it’d be our “Cocoa for Windows”

Well based on this thread I have begun a new unified toolbar (first for OSX, then for Windows)
It is going to have a few features that the standard toolbar does not have

  1. you will be able to show/hide buttons by saying toolbutton.visible=true or false
  2. you will be able to set different 32x32 vs 16x16 icons if desired … the program will build them for you otherwise
  3. the Toggle will work like CHECKBOXES (or maybe I’ll make that an option :slight_smile: )
  4. ToolStyleSpace and ToolStyleFlexible space WILL work in the Windows version
  5. and while I’m at it I might even add new ToolStyles for TextField and Popup Menu

I have the basic structure already completed… now to add the “drawing code” and “action code” :slight_smile: … yeah the EASY part

:slight_smile: I am not in love with Windows, I admire OS X but earn my living from Windows dev work. I could probably earn good money from using Xojo if I could link to and use .NET with it. The .NET framework is (from MS - I know :wink: ) very powerful especially the Entity Framework and Linq, wow I could even use Xojo with BizTalk, Windows Workflow, code generators that give me a C# object model from a XML Schema, now you have me dreaming Norman…

Toolbar wise - I would actually be very happy if I could have the toolbar that you use for Xojo itself but I think that conversation has already been covered in another thread on here. I really don’t mind a Mac looking UI on Windows, iTunes and Spotify seem to have faired very well with that look and feel on Windows.

[quote=29239:@Carl Clarke]
Toolbar wise - I would actually be very happy if I could have the toolbar that you use for Xojo itself .[/quote]
In Xojo we use a native on on OS X and a custom one on Windows & Linux - because those native ones are pretty crippled but native.
I’d loveto NOT have to do that but with the native ones we dont have much choice

.Net would be a big step.
WHen we first discussed this (about the time I first joined) XP was still the de facto standard Windows OS (it was still in the high 60’s to low 70% of all Windows versions in use) and /Net wasn’t prevalent. Since Vista its been a standard installed component so its possible to think about targeting it. Still for XP you might still have had to require the user installed it along with your app and that made installation a chore for everyone.

Now since XP is starting to diminish in over all share & everything since then has /Net installed it’s certainly possible since you no longer have to install your app + .Net
But we do have a lot of big things to get done before we tackle yet another :stuck_out_tongue: