Tool bar code goes where?

Hey folks.

I’m a little confused about the default tool bar. I’m confused about where the code goes to respond to the click event or keyboard event used to select a “FILE SAVE” or “EDIT” command, etc? I see where the properties of the same are, but I don’t see where I can write code to respond to a click on the Edit command for instance?
I have the docs, but I’m still not totally clear? It looks like XOJO has this handled kind of by default? Or, do I use the editor that adds the events such as the click event and then write the code? I hope that made sense. I’m not able to spend a lot of time so far, but will get more into XOJO soon and then decide which version I want to buy.

To implement a Toolbar (in a desktop app), you add a Toolbar to your project, add buttons as necessary using the Toolbar Editor, and then drag the Toolbar from the Navigator onto the layout of a Window. You then implement the Action event handler to check which button was pressed and call your code.

To implement a menu, you add the menu items to the menu using the Menu editor and then you add Menu Handlers to the Window to handle each menu selection.

Both of these are covered in User Guide Book 2.