todo list , best way to do?

I want at add a todo list to a small app i have that runs in windows.
I want the list of todo items to display like a list.
A list box seems the way to go, but you cant alter the cell height for multiple line item. Some items will be 1 line, some 10 lines or more.
The reason I want to program it rather than use a generic todo list is it will grab data from another running program (a persons name), and also store a list of actioned items, and will be user specific within the business. Ie if a user logs onto a computer the program will detect the user (From a windows registry entry) and grab their todo list for them.
So whats the best way to display this,is it best to just use a listbox , and when the length of an item exceeds a cell width then continue in the next cell below?
Thanks for any suggestions.

I think you should have a look at using hierarchical lists.

Each new person has a top level line item. Below that will be their own specific items. That way the line height can stay constant.

It is possible that I have misunderstood your description, but it seems to me to be something like:

[code]- Hamish

  • Do one
  • Do two
  • Simon
    • Do another
    • Do again[/code]

The Listbox is on the left of the window, and at the right, you have a gigantic TextArea that display the contents of each entry of the to do list (as Simon explained above).

You have a master folder, in that folder, you have a folder called Hamish that holds the list of the to do (Do one.txt, Do two.txt). These text files contents are displayed in the large TextArea. They can be Do one.rtf Do two.rtf and so you will display styled descriptions.

Isn’t life easy, sometimes ?