Today is ...

Spoonerism Day

National Underwear Day for yanquis, it seems. Make sure you wear some.

The birthday party of my son Michael.

Someone wants cake or muffins?

Happy Birthday Michael. Yes i love muffins. But how you r going to deliver it. I am from Kuwait


Christian… email me a piece of that cake please?

I am sorry. I don’t have a Star Trek transporter to dematerialize the cake and turn the information into a file to email.

Fax it.

funny story (ok so I’m bored).
Years ago I was talking on the phone to an internal client (same company, different department), and she was in another building a few hundred yards away. She indicated they were having a party for someone, and had cake. I was too busy to go over there, so I told her (jokingly… to send me a piece via inter-department mail)…

and next day… it arrived… smashed, stale, and inedible, but she had called my bluff…

A few months ago, I was talking to one of my coworkers, when I glanced down on her desk and saw a business envelope filled with pretzels. I asked her if/why someone had mailed her pretzels. She said she had gotten the pretzels from the front desk, and grabbed the envelope from the supply closet to carry them back to her desk (there were paper plates and coffee cups in the kitchen about 10 feet away from where she got the envelope)

When I got back to my desk, I immediately went online to order some really nice chocolate covered pretzel sticks (and had to pay extra for next day shipping). The note said ‘If you’re going to mail pretzels to yourself , you should at least get some good ones’

She thought it was hysterical.

International Cat Day. Mieow.