To the Xojo Team: Ask for a reliable statement about the datatype Text

Last week we noticed that the string data type does not lead to the desired result in all situations. See also String Encoding (Multi-Byte Letters).
At the XDC 2019 the API 2.0 was announced and at the same time the Text and Auto datatypes were discontinued. Because the Text datatype has real advantages in certain situations compared to the String datatype I would like to get a clear statement from Xojo, if the functionality of the Text datatype is added to the String datatype or if the deprecation of text was faulty and the Text datatype will NEVER disappear from Xojo.

Could you please comment on this so that we have a certainty and do not have to change our projects in the future regarding this data type?

Thanks a lot

NEVER is a strong word for something marked as deprecated. Deprecated means “avoid it”. No guaranties that it will be reliable in the future. This future can be 10 years, 20… but not NEVER.

I phrased it that way because in a recent feedback case one of the Xojo developers wrote:

However, I remember a different statement from the XDC, so I put it this way.

“de-emphasized not deprecated” means absolutely nothing. Almost a “we regret we said at XDC, we will still supporting it”.

I’ve consulted auto and text in the docs. No deprecations, not even “de-emphasizings”. From the docs point of view they still current to the point you can ignore what XDC said.