.titlecase working strange in windows, but ok Mac and Linux

This is a strange one.

I have the following line in an app I’m working on. It works as expected in MacOS and Linux. Basically forcing the first character to Uppercase and leaving the rest alone unless of course there’s a space followed by additional words


In Windows, what happens is that the First Letter Changes with each character typed staying capitalized and at the left most position in the text box. When complete the character order is reversed with the last character typed being at the start and capitalized.

For Example, if I type “Test”, I end up with “Tset”.

Anyone seeing this and know how to prevent it?

This looks like the same thing you discussed in Issue text input between Mac OS and Windows. Is that the issue?

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You are correct! I can’t believe I forgot about this. I’ve made a note of it so I don’t forget again. Thanks for pointing that out.

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