Titlecase not working as expected

Hello nice people !

Maybe it’s the hot summer, maybe it’s me but i do not understand why the titlecase function is not working in my little utility…
Here you’ll find a link to a video exposing the problem, i am not able to replicate it in a separate project using SQLlite so i cannot fill (eventually) a bug report.

Database is a MySQL

I do really hope it’s nothing extremely stupid on my side, and in the case, please be kind :slight_smile:

Happy summer !!

Movie Link

Could it be encoding related? What is the encoding of the string you are getting from the DB?

I have had trouble with Titlecase as well. From a Postgre DB and HL7 messages over TCP. Getting a handle on encoding didn’t help.

If you create the string within XOJO it works fine, upper and lowercase work fine. I think that Titlecase has a bug.

I wound up writing my own function which also allowed me to handle “McDonald” and “O’Hare” correctly.

Thanks for the hint @Paul Lefebvre, defining encoding solved the problem !