TitleBar and MenuBar Disappearing on Windows 10

I have a customer with a laptop and an external monitor. Everything is fine when the external monitor is connected. When he connects the external monitor, my app’s window (on the laptop) loses its title bar and menu bar. Sometimes it happens in the reverse - they are there until he disconnects the external monitor.

He sent me video, and there’s not much to see except that they suddenly vanish.

Has anyone else ever seen this? The window has a Menu Bar assigned to it. I’m suspecting it has something to do with code in my app that detects which screen the window is on, but I don’t see any way for those bars to be turned on or off.

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That’s odd. I have a multi-monitor setup, and couldn’t replicate this. Can you send me a project to try?

Unfortunately, it’s a vast app. You can try the built app if you want to, it’s at https://www.mckernon.com/betasix.html.

Please let me know if you can reproduce it, I’ve had no luck making it misbehave at all.