Title bar covers up

I have a screen that is present for a user to add notes. The screen only has one MobileTextArea which has proper constraints at the top and bottom such that control stays within the layout guides.

When the keyboard activates the window shifts up so that I cannot tap the back button. It’s shoved off the top of the screen. I’ve seen this before, but I have no idea how to overcome it.


Create a constraint that is minheight or minimum top or something that overcomes the shift. Constrains are much more than top, left, bottom, right etc…

I tried all kinds of options. The only thing that works is if I make the field small enough that the keyboard can’t shove it up.

Hmm @Jeremie_L perhaps knows more of this…

I have two workarounds for that yes.

I am far from my computer right now and will post it tomorrow.
Tag me in a reply if I forget

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Here it is:


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Thanks Jeremie,

It won’t run in the current version of Xojo, so I’ll try to poke around at the iOS kit classes to see if I can figure out the impact of doing some renaming.