Tired of the nonsense

Omegabundle for Xojo 2013: Valentina for Xojo Updated to 5.4 ---- Sorry, folks. Gotta lock this one.

B.S. Locking that one out just stops it until the next one. I really do not like the idea of Norman and Brad misrepresenting my viewpoints on that anonymous handle topic, and then Xojo locks it out after Brad gets in his last lick. I don’t have a problem with the “rules” of the forum, although hell if I know what they are. I’m not using some made up handle on the forum, I merely said some other people prefer to post anonymously. That’s it. And then next thing I know Norman is quoting me made up rules and Brad is giving out advice on behavior, of which he is ill-equipped to do so. You can see this pattern repeated in other conversations that have descended into chaos. You have a problem here Geoff, and it isn’t anonymous flamers.

The rules will be posted shortly so you can follow them.