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Hey All,

I am a new user to XOJO (Real Base). I purchased the app for a developer to use and he left and I have decided to try and use it myself.

I would like to create a simple Application whether it be Desktop or Webapp (local intranet only) to let a user access a database and view data in a window.

I am not really sure where to start as far as the software or documentation or if maybe there is some samples out there that would point me in right direction.

Any help or comments would be appreciated.


Welcome Chuck - there is quite a bit of stuff out there to get you started but rather than bombard you with stuff, I’ll recommend two things. First, check out the example projects. Go to File > New in Xojo and from the Project Chooser, select Examples. You’ll see some Database examples in there. You’ll be able to examine the code and see how things are put together. Secondly, check out this webinar:
Hope that helps get you going.

Ok thanks for the tips… i will check it out.

A lot of effort has been put into the XOJO supplied documentation and in my opinion is overlooked too often.

Start on their web site at

Check out the Introduction to Programming with XOJO at Xojo: Learn Xojo Programming
The Quick Start, Tutorial and User Guide can be downloaded from their web site or found in the Documentation folder in the XOJO release.
And have a look at the XOJO channel of YouTube at , especially the Webinars

And of course this forum is a great resource to help answer specific questions to problems you encounter.


I’m testing/getting to know XJ opening one by one the Examples.
Is it possible to open another Example - switching indeed - from the opened one to the next one (selected in the list)
WITHOUT Closing/opening Xojo …each time you want to open the next example ?
If so, how do you do that ?

I am thinking about making a free video tutorial series. Not sure yet. You can subscribe to my youtube channel for updates:

You can select the File -> New Project menu item and then select Examples, etc. It will leave the old project open, but you can switch back and close it if you want.

If you are using the IDE on Windows you can also set the option to “keep Xojo running” at the bottom of the General Preferences tab. This will leave a Xojo Icon in the system tray where you can open/create new projects.

There is a slight bug when setting this though, the IDE needs to be restarted to get the icon to show, but the effect is immediate. So you get Xojo running with no way to interact with it if you close your current project. You need to kill Xojo from the task manager, but this only happens once when you change the setting.

Tks people,
I can only run on Linux but will give an eye…’

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