Tipp 2016R1 Navigator Font

when I first start 2016r1, the font was very large in Navigator.

using Options - Navigator Font Size - use large Font

makes the Font smaller.

crazy >:)

Anyway: In the Windows version you can switch “use large fonts” but the only thing it does is making the white space between the items bigger / smaller, not the font.
Since we have version 2016 R1, fonts in IDE are 25% smaller. Would like to switch back as it was in 2015 R4.1, but seems not to be possible.

For both of you (since we tried this on our set ups on various distros etc)

Create a new desktop project
Add a canvas to the default window (make it 100 x 100)
Put this code in the paint event

  g.TextFont = "System"
  g.TextSize = 0
  g.TextUnit = FontUnits.Pixel
  g.drawstring "jeLLo World", 20, 20
  g.TextFont = "System"
  g.TextSize = 11
  g.TextUnit = FontUnits.Point
  g.drawstring "jeLLo World", 20, 40

Which shows up as larger / smaller ?
On my set up of Centos 6 and Ubuntu 15 they are the same size so large font appears to have no effect

elementary OS 0.3.2 Freya (Ubuntu 14.04)

what I like. the 2016 IDE is faster than the 2015 IDE

well that image explains why large is smaller for you

the first is what we use for “large”
the second “small”

I’ve seen the same behavior as Axel on Mint 17.3: <https://xojo.com/issue/43103>