TIP: Spell checking in your listbox

Want spell checking when editing a cell in your listbox? It’s possible but…

If you enter this in listbox.CellClick
me.CellType(row, column) = ListBox.TypeEditableTextArea
Me.EditCell(row, column)
me.ActiveCell.AutomaticallyCheckSpelling = true

It usually doesn’t work due to a timing issue. But if you put the last line in a timer, then your editing will now include spell checking for Cocoa builds.

Example project here: <https://xojo.com/issue/27858>

There certainly is a bug (or unfortunate design decision)… but the right place to do that would be CellGotFocus … though it does not work there either…

To illustrate why it SHOULD work in cellGotfocus in CellClick put:

me.ActiveCell.Bold = True Me.EditCell(row, column) me.ActiveCell.Bold = True

When editing the cell is not bold

Now Put this in CellGotfocus

[quote]me.ActiveCell.Bold = True

When editing the text is bold…

Interesting. Probably to do with the timing of how cellGotFocus is called.