Tip: quickly collapse Navigator items

If you’ve lots of Navigator items expanded (windows and their controls and their events and so on) here’s a quick way to collapse everything and regain your focus on the top level items: simply click the Hide button that appears when you hover over the Contents header. The same button now says Show, click it and the Navigator will be collapsed.

(I suspect this is actually a bug or unfinished functionality. I believe the correct behavior would be that when you click the Show button, the Navigator should return to the state it was in when you clicked Hide. But it’s a good bug to have while Xojo Inc improve the Navigator)

Geoff asked me about this today, and it’s actually by design. An early Navigator design loaded the entire contents up front. This made it possible to preserve the expansion stack, but I explicitly had it collapse the children. On large projects however, loading everything up front proved to be much too slow, so it now lazy-loads the contents more similar to the ListBox’s ExpandFolder event. When you collapse an item, all the contents are actually removed from the navigator.

Basically, while the modern code does not explicitly try to collapse the children, earlier code did and it was intentional.

hi gavin, any screenshot ??

Strangely enough I email Geoff about this last night with this .

I wasn’t sure if it was common knowledge or not, it’s certainly coming in handy. And like you, Wayne, I’m using some well-chosen top-level folders to facilitate this further.

Wayne, Nice video clip, what application did you use to create that?

I only discovered it by accident myself yesterday, went looking in the docs & couldn’t find anything. I emailed Geoff because I thought a Power Users channel here would help get these tips in one place.

understand now… was looking for hide/show earlier and can’t find it. i must be blind…hehe