Tip fo the day: Print to PDF for WebView

If you like to print a HTMLViewer in Xojo 2020r1 and you look for a replacement to PrintToPDFFileMBS function, you can use this code with NSPrintOperationMBS and WKWebViewMBS:

Dim browser As WKWebViewMBS = browser.WKWebView // your web viewer
Dim pi As NSPrintInfoMBS = NSPrintInfoMBS.sharedPrintInfo
Dim po As NSPrintOperationMBS = browser.printOperation(pi)
Dim file As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("test.pdf")
pi.horizontalPagination = pi.NSAutoPagination
pi.verticalPagination = pi.NSAutoPagination
po.showsPrintPanel = False
po.showsProgressPanel = True

This prints to a file as destination and asks for auto pagination of the pages. We disable print panel, but show a progress panel.