[Tip] Embedded WOFF Fonts

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

When I test this way in the Debugger - everything works fine.
When I compile it for a windows server, the browser freeze in that moment, when the fonts should load.

Are there any traps?

Update: It is the moment when Xojo jumps into the PageSource, EditSource.

When I comment it, the app works - but without the fonts.
When I delete the comments, it freeze again.

I tried it with Xojo 2015.4.1

I found the solution:

On the debug system this line of code is correct:

but the compiled version for Windows need this line:
ExecutableFile.Parent.Child(“nameoftheapp Resources”).Child(“Calebasse.ttf”)

nameoftheapp is not a subfolder. It is the same name, space, Resources.

Indeed under recent versions of Xojo under Windows the Resources folder is now named after the app.

This was made so several apps can share the same folder without having to share their resources. Glad you found the solution yourself.

With the new framework SpecialFolder.GetResource() is supposed to do that automatically but it seems not to work in Web.