tiny lost IP checker code

Years ago, I came across a way of checking my own IP address my sending a request to a URL at my own remote domain. Of course the website responded with my own IP address in the response and all my xojo app had to do was extract my IP. It was a dozen lines of code if that. The trouble is, I compiled it, have lost the original code and can’t remember exactly how it worked. The trouble also is that I omitted to remove a trailing space and I omitted to include the simple facility to copy the IP address to the clipboard. It’s a constant irritation to me.

Any suggestions (other than: “Don’t be so lackadaisical with your code in future”)

Check out ipify.org

Wow, that’s even shorter than my code was! I don’t have to use my own domain and I don’t have to strip out all the gunk that came with the website response. Many thanks.

I use ipinfo.io to query.