Timing an event

I have a unit connected to my computer through the usb port.
I have programmed xojo to send requests to the unit and get a reply back.
I would like to be able to time the response for each type of request (in Milliseconds).
Is this possible with xojo. I know I can set a timer to activate something but can i time an event and if so can somebody give me a pointer.

You would stash the timestamps before sending the message and after receiving the response. You can then find the difference. DateTime stores nanoseconds, or you can use System.Microseconds.

var dStart as Double = System.Microseconds


var dStop as Double = System.Microseconds
var dTime as Double = (dStop - dStart) / 1000

System.DebugLog("Process time: " + dTime.ToString + "ms")

(This example written up in the post editor, may need adjustments)

That worked ok. Had to make dStart a public variable as the send and receive where in different sections.