Timer Reset Clarification Needed

The language reference for Timer.Reset() states, “Restarts the Timer, but does not change its settings.”

The mode setting of this timer is set to ModeOff, so why does it still always fire when the button is pushed? By “fire”, I mean a single execution at the specified period.


Sub Constructor() me.period = 2000 me.Mode = Timer.ModeOff End Sub

Sub Action() break End Sub

Private t As MyTimer

Sub Open() t = New MyTimer End Sub

Sub Action() t.Reset End Sub


Quick test shows you’re right. Could be a bug, but I’m not sure. The LR is not really clear.

Personally I never used Timer.ModeOff. I alway use Timer.ModeSingle or Timer.ModeMultiple and I use Timer.Enabled = False to disable the timer. So I never encountered the above issue.