Timer on WebApp

Hi everyone…
I need to have a WebApp that also with no session running, a timer has been running in the back and some events could be tiggered by this timer.
As I know timers only could be placed in webpages. Not in the App.
So how to tigger events at some periods of time also when no web page (session) is oppened ?
Is it possible ?
Thanks in advance


Webtimer are running on client side, but you can also use a regular Timer, which runs server side. A regular Timer can run at app level.

See here:

Yes. Drag a WebTimer into your project (not onto a WebPage) and add your code in the Run event. Define the Timer variable as a Property within App. In the Open event set the App. Property variable to be defined as the WebTimer, with Mode, Period and then start it.

It will run within the main event, not a Session.

I use standard timers as properties to the App object. I set the period and mode in App.open event. In App.open, I also use addhandler to set the action that the timer will execute. These will then run independent of any session or webpage.

Thanks @David Cox… I had tried what you suggest.

This is the code, but it gives some errors on compilation

Class App
Inherits WebApplication
Sub Open(args() as String)
Dim MyTimer as new AppWebTimer
MyTimer.Period = 1000
MyTimer.mode = 2
End Sub
MyTimer As WebTimer
End Class

Class AppWebTimer
Inherits WebTimer
Sub Action()
'My actions
msgbox “AAAAA”
End Sub
End Class

Thanks @Scott Siegrist
Your explanation solve my problem