Timer obj don't have a "Action" propety

simple create a class,and add a property “t” to be a Timer

dim t as Timer =new Timer
t.Mode = timer.ModeMultiple
t.Period = 3000
AddHandler t.Action AddressOf SOmething.

well,t.Action is not exist?

Is there something wrong?

T.Action does not autocomplete, but what you posted should work anyway.

There are places such as this one, or some of System properties, that do not autocomplete, but yet, they are implemented. When in doubt, refer to the language reference (LR).

no,when I run it, it hints t.Action not exist.

Action is not a member of Timer.

You’re missing a comma :slight_smile:

AddHandler t.Action, AddressOf SOmething

yes,thanks Shanks,you are right.