Timer not a Class in Ver 2021 Rel 1.1?

Can not get a progress wheel to come up. Trying to use Timer but when I run it says "There is no class with this name?

Have you dragged an instance of the timer out from the library?

That said, a timer is not how you get a progress wheel. There’s a special control for that, also in the library.

Not sure but got something to work using Xojo.Core.Timer but it says in documentation

This item was deprecated in version 2020r2 .
Please use Timer as a replacement.

“Timer” will not run get error message no class and I am running ver 2021 Real 1.1

Have a math intensive iterative solution solving for unknown takes a few seconds ProgressWheel visible true and false just didn’t cut it.

On iOS, UI updates happen after a method completed.

This means that if you call the following in the same method, the progresswheel will never display:

ProgressWheel1.visible = True

//intensive procedure 

Progresswheel1.visible = False 

You should do something like this:

ProgressWheel1.Visible = True
Timer.CallLater(1, AddressOf MySuperCalculation)
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