Timer goes to "sleep" when App is in Background


I am encountering that if the App is in Background mode (not used or minimized in Dock) on Yosemite the Timer-Sequence stops – it is like OS X puts the Thread to sleep.

What Declare Function do I need to tell Yosemite that the running of my App is “critical” and should have a high priority?

As a test. “Show info” on your app in Finder and check “Disable app nap” and see what happens.

I dont see “App Nap” in Show Info.

You don’t see this?

Maybe it’s worth mentioning that I am looking at the .debug file ( I have no built version of it)

And there is no “App Nap” Section like in your Info window.

Maybe see

I had an issue with Aeon Timer that stopped the timer when another app was run in full screen mode. It might be related. Try and build your app and see if the box appears. Also take a look at the links Michel provided above.

It can’t be “App Nap” as he experiences this when he runs the application in debug mode.

Right. I am guessing Yosemite has some energy saving algorithms and they halt or pause threads if the window which started the thread is inactive ?

But how can I use Timer-Control so that I can be sure it always runs in the defined interval?