Time Limited Messagebox

I am not finding a capability to put a timer on IOSMessagebox. With no capability in code to close it, firing it in a timer does not seem to work. Anybody been able to do this? Would it require declares?

Bueller? Bueller? :slight_smile: Nobody has any input on how to create a time limited message? Am a noob to IOS and need the ability to put a message up on the screen that will eventually timeout if no one responds to the message. So any assistance on what can get me there would be greatly appreciated.

You will find on this forum,if someone has a sollution they will normally post it as soon as they see the question. The fact you have no answer either means nobody has an answer for you, or the person that does have an answer has not yet seen the question. Bumping your topic, or asking the same question over, does not change anything

Or in this case I didn’t see the question before so bumping helps. I should be able to put something together for this but it will be tomorrow evening at the earliest. There’s a few declares involved but it shouldn’t be too bad.

Thanks Jason! No rush. When you get a change would be great!

Here you go. Everything you need is built into iOSKit, which I recommend you take a look at if you have not yet stumbled upon it.
Example project:


Thanks so much Jason!

Jason have you tested this routine in IOS10? I am getting a weird crash in my app since upgrading and ipad to IOS10. I don’t get a crash in the simulator. It appears to be happening when I was may be attempting to display one of these timelimited message boxes.

Turned out it was my camera initiation routine not the messagebox.