Thread Priorities

I am a little confused regarding thread priority values.

The page gives a few constants HighPriority, LowPriority, NormaPriorityl (and their values of : 10, 1 and 5 respectively), yet in the Threading Webinar:

there are 4 working threads - @ ca. 4:50 shows the threads with a variety of values in the hundreds.

I am wondering if these values are totalled, then divided by the main thread and divvied out by proportion, or is there something I am missing here?


They are, but the main thread always has a priority of five, so using very large numbers for other threads will potentially starve the main thread. For example, if you give a second thread a priority of 500, there will be a total 505 slots in the scheduler and five of those belong to the main thread.

If it’s not already in the LR, can we add it please?

If it’s not in the language reference, please create a case in Feedback asking for it to be.

Why did i knew you would write this? :wink:
Will do so later :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Done :slight_smile:

Just to be sure; there’s no way to change it? In my case I’m using lots of threads and I want to be sure the timers (running in the main thread) have enough breathing room.