Thread and a HTTPSecureSocket

Is this the proper use of a thread for scraping a website?

Create a Thread with the Property of a SubClassed HTTPSecureSocket (ss)

Put all the Methods needed in the (ss) so it can just keep Loop through all the pages i.e.
MakeNextUrl would be the Method and the code would finish with


PageRecieved would Save the page to disk then call MakeNextUrl.

After there are no more pages to get msgbox “Finished”

Meaning the Run event of the Thread would only need (ss).MakeNextUrl

You don’t need a thread if you’re using a socket. GET runs asynchronously, which means it does not block the rest of your app waiting for a response. I does it’s thing in the background.

ok, there will be no rest of the app :slight_smile: that’s all the app will do is pull 20K worth of files then wait until next year to do the same :slight_smile: