Thoughts on Valentina?

So I need the server if I want to use it for my web app? Right now I’m just using the sqlite database. Oh sure, it’s suboptimal but it does work. Also, how does the 5 connection thing work? Could I really run my web app with such a restriction? What happens when more than 5 people are logged on and updating records?

That sounds nice but I’m having trouble conjuring up a scenario where I need 5 licenses. I’m more interested in being able to compile desktop apps with a database and web apps with a database. My needs are simple. This licensing seems designed for someone that’s not me.

Ha! Nice. It appears to be showing up now. I registered. I’m not a troll. I’m really trying to figure this stuff out.

Incidentally the website issue isn’t just the design. It also takes forever to load. It’s painful.

I think your web app could be the one, and, (unless you have some other admin app connecting to it,) the only user from the db server’s perspective.

I guess so, if you do one (1) login and connection from your webapp to the database, and then use this connection throughout your webapp. For instance, a free 3 connection CubeSQL is working fine this way.

I purchased the Omega Bundle a couple of years ago and have a license for the server and the ADK for LiveCode (not a plug for LiveCode). At that time the website and product documentation was very hard to follow. After several days of trying to get it to work, I just gave up. I started using PostgreSQL and CubeSQL.

Hi Guys,

Sorry I did miss this thread :slight_smile: I need somehow subscribe again to Christian forum_to_email feature to see posts about Valentina faster.
I will try now to read carefully posts and give answers.

[quote=35624:@Peter Truskier]Just to be clear, you are saying that to use the reporting engine with any database, one must buy both Valentina Database ADK and Valentina Reports ADK?

Hi Peter,

Short answer: you need only Report ADK.

  1. we have
    Valentina.Init( macSerial, winSerial, linuxSerial )
    Valentina.InitReports( macReportSerial, winReportSerial, linuxReportSerial )
    Valentina.InitClient() – no serials

  2. Paradigma now provides TWO related by different technologies:
    a) Valentina Object-Relational Database (VSERVER + DB ADKs + VStudio)
    b) Valentina Reports ( VSERVER + Report ADKs + VStudio)

When we have added support of mySQL, postgreSQL, SQLite datasources into Valentina Reports, we have realize that developers who use other dbs will not need to buy Valentina DB. Right ?

So we did resolve all technical issues, and we split in our store “DB ADKs” and “Report ADKs”

I think this is very LOGICAL right?

I think its very logical to think that Valentina Reports working with mySQL or postgreSQL or MS SQL should not force you pay for Valentina DB. Right?

[quote=35614:@olivier vidal]By cons, marketing is not the best part of Valentina. The website is actually confused. It’s very annoying. They probably lose a lot of sales because of it.

Well, then I need tease much much more our web developer :slight_smile:

But guys, have you ever try go to Oracle? or other complex-products sites?

OR for example to Jasper? Just few days ago I have go there… to find price of Jasper Server reports … I have walked 5 minutes and found only OEM prices … strange … few months ago I have see that.

This not excuse of course our site … But we have

  1. VSERVER — few options here, standalone, OEM , additional connections.

yes mySQL did have very simple:
price is 400$ for VSERVER infinity.

We have instead FEW prices which are LOWER of that price, so developers can choose other options.

  1. VStudio – okay here all simple.

  2. ADKs – well here also all simple IMO. ADK means embedded local engine, like SQLite. mySQL or postgre do not have such options.
    1 platform 199
    3 platforms 399

simple pattern …

May be we need write by big letter – if you do not understand – ASK HERE …
We always can help and explain

I think this some inet troubles. Once I also have see it slow, but other people in same time told me its fine.

I will try make simples CHOICE-MAP for Valentina DB.

I want develop
1.1 APPLICATION withLOCAL embedded engine —> you need DB ADK and serials for Valentina.Init()
1.2 APPLICATION as client to VSERVER —> take any DB ADK – it contains FREE VCLIENT

Now you need to choose what about VSERVER:

      1.2.1   My users can self install VSERVER/5            --> okay free,  user self get license from paradigma site
                  You can sale millions copy of your VClient App.  Zero payment to Paradigma

      1.2.2  I want simplify installation to users or customize it using Embedded VServer
                 ----> You pay once for VServer Embedded/5            599$
                 deploy it as many as you want.

     1.2.3  Some my users want more than 5 connections.
                ----> for such users you can buy additional connections. prices in store. 
                         prices still are quite low, comparing even to mySQL.

CHOICE-MAP for Valentina Reports

I want develop

1.1 Application with embedded REPORT ENGINE.
—> So you need Report ADK to get serials for Valentina.InitReports().

1.2. I want develop application, which is client to Valentina Report Server (this includes Web app in Xojo)
—> You take ADK, which contains always FREE VCLIENT

Now you need to choose what about VSERVER:

1.2.1 see in my prev post
1.2.2 see in my prev post
1.2.3 see in my prev post

As you see guys, with both DB and Reports you have to make TWO major choices

a) If you app should work with LOCAL db or reports files?
b) what exactly VSERVER to choose if our app/solution going to be client-server.

If you develop only LOCAL app, then you need to think about valiant/vserver at all.

I wonder, if such explain is clear? Or this is till very confusing? :slight_smile:

Similar story here. I’ve actually been trying it off and on since way back. I’ve always given up due to frustration of finding information and crashing issues.

To be fair I have rarely seen a more enthusiastic developer than Ruslan. He is always accessible. These guys seem to have a great product and seem to be willing to help anyone patient enough to get over the learning curve.

Those who love it - love it. I’ve just never gotten beyond a 2nd date!

[quote=35827:@Peter Fargo]Similar story here. I’ve actually been trying it off and on since way back. I’ve always given up due to frustration of finding information …

Valentina WIKI – the main single place of all technical information we have.

If you have question, and you cannot find answer here, even using SEARCH field,
Send question to Valentina list.
NOT to Xojo list, NOT to Livecode, NOT to any other place, which we do not read or read very rare.
Send question to Valentina list. You will get answer in minutes usually.

Why to keep silent and fight self against question or trouble?

We can help as with installation, so with other troubles. Developers who work with us many years, who want present in our internal team chat, they sometimes sending us compiled apps and dbs so we can debug them here. Sometimes we help by TeamViewer sessions, and so on.

[quote=35825:@Ruslan Zasukhin]CHOICE-MAP for Valentina Reports
I want develop
1.1 Application with embedded REPORT ENGINE.
—> So you need Report ADK to get serials for Valentina.InitReports().[/quote]
So we don’t need VStudio to create reports as the web site implies we do?

I think part of the confusion is that VReports seems lost. It is not listed in the main Products menu of the web site and not mentioned on the download page. If I go to the Reports ADK page it says I can download it from the App store and leads me to VStudio. The App Store description of VStudio doesn’t mention Reports at all.

When I go to Developer Central and click the download link for Reports ADK I get sent to the downloads page - where it’s not mentioned…
What would make life easier if there was a simple Download button on the Reports ADK page which downloaded EVERYTHING required to generate and include reports into an app.

As for the other products, my head still spins when I hear the licensing discussed. I can understand what you’re trying to do, it’s just more complicated than it needs to be for someone who simply wants a backend data source. MySQL (for me) is simple. Install and run (the free) Sequel Pro or any one of hundreds of other GUIs. With Valentina we are reliant on VStudio and if we have problems with it, we’re stuck.

Funnily enough I just spent the last 20 minutes reading back old emails from 2008 - I was surprised I didn’t give up sooner :slight_smile: This was at the time of the change to Intel Macs and I understand that caused a few of the problems. I’m sure it’s way better now but we are so committed to MySQL it’s hard to see us changing. I grinned a bit when I saw your email from on 21 Jan 2008.

I also agree with what Peter Fargo said.

Right, Valentina Studio also is required to DESIGN reports.
But later applications work without it of course.

There was question what is required to work with reports

  1. Web App
    * VStudio - to design reports
    * VServer - to manage .vsp file with reports for multi-user access.
    * V4RB ADK – to access VServer.

In this scenario, reports are generated by VSERVER. If somebody need scalability you can

  • put your WEB SERVER/app to computer1
  • put Valentina Server (in this scenario works as a Report Server) to computer2
  • put RDBMS you want to computer3
  1. Desktop app with embedded report engine.
    * VStudio - to design reports
    * V4RB ADK – to open .vsp file by app itself and generate reports.

There was question about VServer and 5 connections … if that is enough. In next answer.

[quote=35816:@Ruslan Zasukhin]Valentina.Init( macSerial, winSerial, linuxSerial )
Valentina.InitReports( macReportSerial, winReportSerial, linuxReportSerial )
Valentina.InitClient() – no serials[/quote]

Ok, this really helps wrap my brain around your product offerings. It’s nonconventional but oddly informative. I still don’t know what this client is. Is that just an ORM class that talks to the database? Is it a separate download?


  1. you say that you use SQLite. But you mean you use it as DATABASE. right?
    SQLite do not generate reports itself. yes?

  2. Valentina Server is both DB Server + Report Server.
    so I think people have told about VSERVER as REPORT SERVER.

  3. in your WebApplication you can use “Report ADK” as local engine, you can use it with your SQLite db as datasource. No problems.

I think your WEB site is not ike Amazon, right?
In our online examples we have show bench for Valentina Reports – 4 millions 1-page reports per day.
It is about 50 1-page PDF reports in 1 second on MacMini/i7
Is this enough for your app?

  1. VSERVER/5 – you do NOT need it, but this is very good choice from all points of view.
    It is free, it will handle better faster requests, it can use more cores on your CPU.
    You can also connect to vserver remotely, even to another country and in such remote way correct some report.
    And so on.

I think you need a web designer.

You’ve only seen it once? That’s been my experience since I delved into this issue last week. I even downloaded something. A plug-in. The download was cryptically called v4rb_5_mac_ub.dmg. Anyway it appears to give me the option of having a valentina database in Xojo. That download took a good part of a day because it was as slow at 2kb a second. You should really have someone look into that. If I wasn’t half-watching a football game I would have given up on it.