Thoughts and experiences on Bkeeney Formatted Text Control

Hello everyone,

For an epub application I am currently developing, I intend to use BKeeney’s Formatted Text Control.

Before buying I like to know other peoples thoughts and ideas about this very usefull control.

Especially, can it be used in Xojo 2013 r2 on Windows 7?

I already tried the demo and like very much what I see. One small point, is the text alignement. I am missing the “justify” alignement. Is this for you a big issue or do you just deal with it?

Can you share your thoughts and ideas about this control? I will appreciate that very much.

Friendly greetings,

acra-endeavours Botswana - Belgium

It is a useful class and the support from BKeeney is excellent. If you want to add inline graphics it is the only way to go. In my app, I enjoy the auto page breaks which can be added, like Pages or Word. The biggest drawback, IMHO, is that it costs an additional $500 to add spell checking to the FTC which you get automatically with the Cocoa textArea. You said Win7, so that’s probably not an issue for you.

Hello Roger,

Thank you for your reply. I do not need any spellchecking.

Adding inline graphics is for me a very important feature. PageBreaks are not because for generating epubs, every chapter is a new file. Also on an e-reader device it is very hard to tell where exactly place a pagebreak.

But yes, with some intelligence of the computer, the user can insert one pagebreak (no two pagebreak directly after each other), assuming then that the pagebreak ends a chapter. So after the pagebreak a new file is started.

This control has indeed many uses and I am sure when I can get it to work, a lot more than on this moment will be possible.

Wish you a very nice day and all the best.