This item is missing?

Hi all, i need help, i’m tryna writes code in the xojo lang, its says this item is missing, i dont know howto debug it…Please , i’m lost

Can you post the code that’s not working so we can have a look at it? :slight_smile:

if it says in a window: MsgBox “This item is missing.”

So look at MsgBox:

and at the bottom of that page (Look for)

Thanks< let me look on it… here my code line 5 and line 6…are missing

Dim fullName As String
Dim currentAge As Integer
Dim today As New Date
Dim theMessage As String
fullName = FirstNameField.Text + " " + LastNameField.Text
currentAge = today.Year - CDbl (BirthYearField.Text)
theMessage = "Your name is " + fullName + EndOfLine
theMessage = theMessage + “and you will be "
theMessage = theMessage + Str (currentAge)
theMessage = theMessage + " at the end of the year "
theMessage = theMessage + Str (today.Year) +” . "
MsgBox theMessage

Do the TextFields “LastNameField.Text”, "FirstNameField.Text " and “BirthYearField.Text” exist? :slight_smile:

Its still give me same errors

Does it look like this when you Press “Run”?

Yes…it is

Where is your code run?
In a Button on the same window as the TextFields?

Those errors simply says that those TextFields isn’t there :wink:

Yeah…but now its running the challenge when i fill in my details its hasn’t show me… the results, i think its my machine is slowly

Thanks for your patient and helping out with your guidance

Created a project for you to look at if you want.

Hey…thanks, But, aint i soppose to fill in names then show up…

Please send me codes

Yep. Open the project I posted and run it.
Enter your name in the fields and click the button :slight_smile:

Lol…Cool, yeah…its working, please send me the code…

I got, i try to save my field name but its not saved…

I see you are not understanding the basic concepts. You should read the docs and check the tutorials.
There is an introductory content HERE
You can check the on-line docs too.

Don’t hesitate to ask things here (Usually General Channel, not Customer Service Channel), but first you must master the basic concepts, good luck and have fun. :wink: