This is very very annoying

I was trying to get the spelling/grammar dialog to work… finally did (kinda)

  • It would show up, and check the right textarea, but the textarea was on a modal window and the spell dialog showed up behind
  • so I ripped out all the declares, and “showguessPanel:” stuff and went back to the standard “default” context menu
  • Spell Dialog STILL shows up behind, and to make matters worse… I can’t get rid of it!
  • If I close the window the dialog remains
  • if I close the dialog it vanishes… Yay!
  • If I restart the app, it shows up again (BEFORE the App.Open Event even)
  • I have close the project, rebooted the computer and the issue remains
  • This happens with a COMPILED version as well… on the app shows the dialog, it reappears each time the app is restarted.

Note the app now has NO DECLARES related to this dialog, it is all from the context menu of a textarea

Note : I have to manually hide it with the “Hide Spelling” menu item… click the close dot doesn’t do it

How can I make it show up on the modal window contaiing the textarea???