This is strange

I just noticed on my Mac running Maverick when I click on the Main Drive I get a little pencil with a slash through it
in the lower left hand corner. If I click on any of the other folders I do not get this.

Is this normal?

Here is a screen shot.

I see the same on 10.7.5. It just means that “Computer” can’t be edited…

Actually, you’re not in the main drive, although I see why you think you are. You’re actually in one level above the main drive, the computer itself. What you’re seeing is a list of drives. The pencil with the line through it means you have no write access, which makes much more sense in a read-only folder than here.

Mountain Lion appears to be the name of your actual main drive.

Go to your home folder and you’ll see the pencil disappears.
Gavin is right, you don’t have write access when the pencil appears.

Thanks for all the replies, but if I click on my Main drive the pencil is still there?

It now displays 5 folders, Applications, Developer,Library, System, Users with the pencil in
the lower right hand.

Okay, I think I understand how it works and it looks normal. For a sec I actually though I had a virus
which I never got on my Mac. Windows is a different story :slight_smile: