"This game not recognized by Game Center"

Opened Jason King’s iOSKit project which has the Game Center features. Changed the Bundle ID of the project to that of a new app that I created in iTunes Connect yesterday. Run project in simulator and the Game Center sign-in appears as expected. Sign in as one of my registered test users. Get the message in the title.
Have I not waited enough time for iTunes Connect to tell the Game Center server about the new app? Or is there something else I have not done?

Did you enable game center sandbox?

Thanks for reply. I have not progressed to actually using iPhones–I was trying to use the Xcode simulator on my iMac. But your reply brings up other questions.
In Yosemite in Game Center you checked Use Sandbox Server under the Developer menu. In El Capitan there is no such selection under the Developer menu.
On my iPhone running iOS 9.2 Settings->Game Center doesn’t have a Sandbox slider.
So I assume the Game Center server can now automatically detect when you are trying to use the sandbox server.

I found my error. When I created the new app in iTunes Connect I forgot to enable Game Center (slider on a new window opened by clicking on “Prepare for Submission” label in left column when looking at your app information in iTunes Connect).