This code doesn't work with WebImageWell

I am attempting to load a Paypal checkout image into an Imagewell and although the ‘cut and paste’ code works ok on a browser, it won’t work work with the webimagewell. Since the code conversion requires some nested quotes within quotes syntax, I still can’t figure out why the code won’t work within Xojo.
Here is the code lifted directly from Paypal;
Check out with PayPal
If you paste into the try it editor it works just fine, but if I try to use it within Xojo, it displays nothing. Here is my code;
[b][code]dim ht as String

ht="<img src="‘’“alt=”'Check out with PayPal’" />"

I have a feeling it has something to do with quote nesting.

Try it without the img tag part. The url is the part in the arc attribute.

Thanks Greg. Nope, that doesn’t work seems it needs the <img src bit and terminator “/>”

Not if you are putting it in the url property.

But if you insist on keeping the tag, you can try this:

ht="<img src=“””” alt=“”Check out with PayPal”” />"

You only double up the quotes when working with actual double quote characters.

I tried pasting the part into my browser and it renders the image ok, but won’t do it on the control, I am using. I put the code in the shown event because the got focus event would not fire. I don’t really care either way about the img tag, I just want the thing to work.

Ah, well the other issue you may be having are the mixed protocols. If your app is running with a url of http, the PayPal image may not be delivered since it’s https.

There is no ‘app’ at this stage. I am simply running some experiments to understand the use of the web controls. I am running the program in debug mode using. Is there a workaround for this problem?

Sorry I don’t understand what are you trying to do. I haven’t done any web app yet.

Reading about me.ShowURL I see that command will try to open the URL and if the next argument is True it will open in a new tab.

I created an empty project, added a web image well, added a Shown handler. That’s what I understand from your post.
Then I put the code and the project opens an empty page then in a new tab tries to open the URL (with img code), and because is not a valid url it say 404: file not found, if I remove the tags and only put https then the PayPal image open fine.

Alberto, thanks for experimenting with this problem. The code should show a “check out with Paypal” button within the web image well. The problem is that it doesn’t. I have tried triggering this method from different events, but the result is always the same.

One more thing;Yes, it opens the image file ok on a new page, but it won’t open the image file on the web image well. This kind of defeats the purpose of the control.

I think I’m missing something. You want the image show within the image well?

Or you want to do something different?

Edit: Maybe the issue is with me.ShowURL and you really want me.URL?

Success!! I used me.url instead of showURL and it works. Should I say grasias or obrigado?

Gracias is ok. :slight_smile: