'This application has encountered a non-fatal problem"

All of a sudden my very large project is showing this “non-fatal problem” error when I quit the app.

The explanation dialog says “An error report has been prepared which will help us improve the product. Would you like to launch Feedback and report the problem now?”

Of course, Feedback is no more, and if I agree to report the problem my browser goes to the new Issues page where nothing filled in. Therefore I have no clue of what the problem is or where it is occurring in my code. How can one figure this out?

By working backward through recent changes I was able to figure this one out. I had added NSApplicationDelegateMBS to my app and initialized it in the App.Open event. When I moved that to the App.Constructor (as in the MBS examples) there was no error when the app quit.

Although that resolves the problem, the question still stands. How are we to figure out what is causing non-fatal (or fatal, I guess) errors when there are no exceptions and we can’t file a Feedback that contains the “error report”?

A non fatal problem ? What does that means, a unhandled exception we should not worry about ?

This should be improved for the next Xojo version.