This accursed IDE..

Ive given the new IDE another run out since Christmas. I still can’t get on with it.
The biggest headache: I open something in a tab, and I open something in a second tab.
I switch to the first tab, do some stuff, then click on an item in the project panel.

Xojo changes AWAY from the tab Im in, and replaces the contents of the second tab.
Choose the back button, and it doesn’t take me back to where I was, or indeed anywhere useful.
I’m left with an empty panel with the name of the form I was editing, not showing the code OR the layout.
Surely this can’t have been by design?
Is there some setting or trick I have missed?

Double click and Option click cause the same issue.

2013 R3.3 - because I have to support OSX 10.6 (over 100 new sales from customers on 10.6.x in the last 3 month weeks alone)

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been working VERY intensively on project the last couple of weeks, but even in the latest release I’m finding it even more frustrating to work in…

A few days ago out of frustration I almost made a VERY critical post about it, but realized it would generate more heat then light and deleted it before posting…

If that was today, I probably would not have deleted it! :wink:

  • Karen

I’ve been spending most of my time working in Visual Studio. When I do work in Xojo… I find it very frustrating.

I have always found the “tab system” to be totally worthless, and have ignored it since Day 2 (I gave it a chance on Day 1)

My frustration stems from the fact the the IDE decides to pick a location unrelated to what you clicked on.

  1. Click on a control… Add a property… only to find out it added the property to the WINDOW not the control
  2. Click on an Event or Property and the IDE collapses the WINDOW the control is on thus hiding the not only the control, but the selected event/property, forcing you to reselect everything to get where the first mouse click should have taken you.

And alot of these issues WERE fixed a version or two back… and now they crop up again? (Did your VC app hic-up?)


How? I simply don’t pay attention to them… .they are useless, and to me provide no benefit to the task at hand.
They accumulate across the top of the screen and every once in a while, I clear them off…

So I’m not sure what prompted “how”, as they are by no means a required part of the programming experience.

I give each new IDE version a thorough workout, but I still do the bulk of my editing in RS12r2.1 and build in 13r3.3 (I have the same 10.6 requirement that Jeff mentions).

I was just hoping that there was some way of having the edit windows appear as floating ones that don’t get replaced , like the inspector can be.

Do you not have window1 , strings, and app open in 3 tabs/windows ?

I often have 8 to 10 tabs open and swap between then. I’m just very careful in the Xojo IDE to NOT use the editor panel when the first tab is active. In other words, I make sure that I double click on any Navigator entry and then only edit code on the tabs for the specific class that I’m working on.

I have “project explorer” (for lack of a better name) on the left, the current editor (form or code) on the right, and the Library and Inspector float…

Here’s a screenshot of my working layout in Xojo:

This gets me close to a fully usable workflow, but there are still things that I trip over daily.

Here’s the same project in the RS 12r2.1 IDE:

One thing that i really hate about the new IDE is the Inspector that keeps popping up when switching from code view to design view even if you have hidden it before… i’ve filled a feature request for that (27089) but it failed getting attention…

The tabs in older versions (RB) had a use as there was ONE tab dedicated to each Window/Module etc. This new one has dozens of tab and click them (for me) does nothing…

And in the older versions, there was no “project explorer”… that is what the TABS were in essence.
But in XOJO the “project explorer” (to me) is much more intuitive than the tabs…

Not saying they don’t work for you, but they don’t work for me…

One neat trick I picked up recently is how to restore a tab that’s become unfocussed. Let’s say you double-click a class to open it in a new tab. Later, somehow, that tab no longer shows that one class but the entire project. Click the lock in the tab to unlock it, then click it again to lock it. That will restore the view of that tab and is much faster than closing the tab, finding the class, and opening it again.

I look forward to the day when locked tabs work just like tabs did in RS.

Thats useful, thanks Kem.

I just use the navigator and forget about the tabpanels. Sometimes when the project gets bigger it takes more time but saves the frustration.

To make good use of the navigator, I organise everything in folders, like :


That is the main structure in my projects. Inside those folders there can be sub-folders. There are also sections of my code which once written and tested, I do not visit them often anymore. These are placed on deeper levels in the hierarchy so they do not get in the way.

In this way, I never click on tabs. I completely use the navigator.

I do not claim my method is good, but it works for me. I believe when the navigator is organized in a structured way, it can save a lot of time.

But yes, it should be nice when those tabs should work as expected.


Using Xojo on a 15 inch Screen is a challenge. You need to scroll a lot to get the same informations as in Realstudio. Also there are more mouse clicking on Xojo than on RealStudio. I still use REalStudio where i Can. Xojo is just to painful to use.

Xojo is like Duplo Lego. And RealStudio is like Lego

Couldn’t say it better.

Not just me then. Thats reassuring. I went back to 2012 tonight. What a relief.