Third party pdf viewers/annnotators?

Anyone know of any third party pdf controls (commercial is fine) that allow text selection, annotation, perhaps searching, etc.? I know the MBS plugins have the bits you need to roll your own, but it’s a huge job to get it right. Ideally, I’d like a control that one could plop into a project and use (I’m using WebKit to display PDFs now, but nothing more than text selection is possible).

Why not just use PREVIEW?

I just got an PDF of my annual review in email… used PREVIEW to paste my signature on the “sign here” line… used Annotate to type in the date and time. Saved it… and emailed it back…

Or are you looking to control it programmatically???

Yes, I want it embedded in my app and controlled programmatically.

As a matter of fact, you can a free trial version of pdf web viewer that allows you to easily and quickly add and create annotation object to certain pdf document page by just clicking the annotation button. Besides, more pdf document page viewing and navigation options are supported, including freely choosing page to read, zooming in and out pdf page.

Thanks, but that’s a solution, I’m working on OS X. In any case, since posting this I’ve written my own pdf annotation features using MacOSLib and PDF Kit.