Things to do in Denver beside XDC


I posted my list of things to do on my blog:

If you have more ideas, let me know!

Always love to see nature, history and cultural things in the states.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is good.

I believe Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, on your list, may still be snowed in during April.

Waiting to see what the calendar of events at Red Rocks is

An important tip - if you’re a sea-level citizen, just walking up stairs can turn you into a wimp. Don’t forget that you’ll be getting almost 20% less O2 and you’ll quickly find out just how thirsty you can become after just finishing a pint of water due to the 8%-10% average humidity level.

One myth that has been broken - you don’t get drunk faster at altitude.

Traveled a lot between Florida and Denver back in the day and it’s quite tough on the body for the first 4-5 days there.

Oh, and bathe yourself in sunscreen if you even think about going outside - even if you’re still in ski gear.

Almost anything up in the mountains is still going have a lot of snow, but in Colorado you never know until you get there - and snow squalls can also come up suddenly on sunny days.

The weather in Wyoming was nice today :slight_smile: