Things I Hate :)

Sorry - couldn’t resist ! :slight_smile:

Seriously, not going there.

(Second post!)

This symbolises everything that is wrong with Xojo.
Never mind IOS support, what about the supporting the veterans of cross forum post contamination (CFPC)?

Norman, et al, you have a lot to answer for.

Gavin threatened to end our fun by offering money to charity if we ended the thread - and I panicked :frowning:

folks who start new threads JUST to avoid posting in the original :stuck_out_tongue:

I may lock this one JUST BECAUSE

I suggest you wearing a gimp mask and go for a walk. Then you could read a book after.

Let’s close this one. And if the other reach 1000 close it too.

I’m waiting for all the flames to start pouring in :slight_smile:

Are a lot of your old flames Xojo programmers?

OMG - I can’t believe people are actually posting in this thread - I only started it as a joke because Gavin wanted to end the other one :slight_smile:

No way Rich. No flames, it was fun, but it’s time to move on. In the future we can play something like this again. :wink:

Let me introduce you to Facebook: