The Xojo Spring Sale - Save 20% Storewide

The Xojo Store is on sale! Save 20% now through Friday, May 7th. Shop now!

Get the latest and greatest from Xojo

Getting a current license not only gives you access on what’s to come in the next year but also gives you immediate access to all of the exciting new features and improvements we’ve added recently.

In the last year we have added more than 980 new features, bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • The Xojo IDE and compiled apps are native on Apple Silicon, so you can run Xojo and build apps for the new M1 Macs without the need for Rosetta
  • macOS 11 SDK now used for both Intel and Apple Silicon builds
  • iOS apps now use iOS SDK 14, now required by Apple for App Store
  • DesktopColorPicker control
  • New IDE toolbar icons on macOS Big Sur
  • Graphics.Translate, Rotate, SaveState and RestoreState available in Desktop projects
  • New WebLocation class
  • Add TouchID/FaceID to your iOS apps with new iOS UserAuthentication class
  • Much faster JSON processing
  • WebFileUploader optimized to improve speed, memory and CPU usage
  • Worker Class, allowing you to take advantage of multiple CPU cores for faster data processing
  • New SearchField and DateTimePicker controls for Desktop
  • ColorGroups to make it easier to support Dark Mode on iOS
  • Graphics enhancements including LineCap, LineJoin properties and a Brush property with support for LinearGradientBrush, RadialGradientBrush, ShadowBrush and PictureBrush
  • Generate PDFs with standard graphics commands
  • API 2.0 for XojoScript and iOS
  • Updated Mobile controls, including all-new MobileMoviePlayer and MobileMapViewer
  • New iOS features such as Notifications, URL schemes, app shortcuts, modal screens, badges and more
  • Support for iOS plugins
  • Save and load compiled XojoScript to save compilation time between application sessions when your scripts don’t change
  • Draw your own Custom Headers for the Desktop listbox
  • The Linux IDE can now use OS theme control heights automatically
  • Large text projects load much faster
  • The new web framework was added for building more modern and robust web apps, along with new controls
  • HTMLViewer improvements including JavaScriptRequestEvent to allow communication with the browser

…and much more!

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*Xojo Cloud is not included in the sale.