The xojo forum is a xojo webAPP?

I read that the xojo feedback app was made with xojo, I wonder if the xojo forum was made with xojo web, does anyone know?

I do not know, but read the html of this forum to get the Discourse Git location…

the new comming feedback app should be a xojo web application.

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<meta name="generator" content="Discourse 2.6.0.beta5 - version 7fa6aca9dbb6a344c26277b7c8f8add1073e43b6">
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pity, it would have been nice if part of the xojo site had been built with xojo web

It only looks like, as Discourse look&feel is very close to Bootstrap …

Xojo Web isn’t really the right choice for a forum and, in any case, it would be a huge waste of resources for Xojo engineers to reimplement something like Discourse, not to mention the constant ongoing maintenance.

Feedback is a little different - it’s not just used by customers, it’s also used internally by the engineers and it’s an integral part of the way they work, customised for their use, so it makes sense to use Xojo Web for the next version of Feedback.