The Xojo Community is GREAT

I was reminded today of how truly amazing the Xojo community is. Over the years, I’ve found so many people eager to help and share what they know on this forum. Some have emailed me and set up shared-screen sessions to help walk me through a particularly complicated issue, others regularly take time out of their day to offer support, advice, and technical knowledge to those of us who aren’t as knowledgeable as they are. In turn, I try to share what I know with others.

Today’s kudos go to Christian Schmitz, who I emailed at 2pm today after a night and day spent wrestling with what seemed like a simple issue that defied all my efforts to fix it. I emailed him a question about his DrawRotatedTextMBS function, and happened to mention the real problem was that I couldn’t figure out a way to calculate the stringwidth of text drawn with it that would be correct on Windows.

Two hours later I had a reply email, with a new build of his Util Plugin that included a new function that returns string width, height, and font width as drawn with DrawRotatedTextMBS. Within 20 minutes, my code was working perfectly!

How many other communities have members and companies (including Xojo Inc.) that support their colleagues and users so well? I am one Very Happy Camper.


Agreed! Most useful community on the internet.

imho, it also represents and shows very much the spirit of Geoff Perlman and his colleagues at Xojo Inc.

Agreed! This is one of the Xoyo’s strenghts

@Christian Schmitz has an amazing service. When I see people pesting against plugins, and complaining that Christian mentions them, they don’t realize what they are missing.

dont misunderstand me, Michel !, I admire Christian’s work. completely.
I would really like to have many christian’s plugins features included in xojo core.
but I’ve been stuck with plugins years ago (with another IDE) and I dont want them anymore.
for example, einhugur plugins are great too, but if you developped something with stylegrid, you’re stuck today …
( I almost decided to use it years ago, and thanks to the previous plugin story I did not…)

You are welcome.

I am just a developer which works full time to help Xojo developers.
The plugins are just the result of that effort and their sales finance me, so I don’t need a real job :wink:

That is entirely your privilege. I do develop quite a few things myself, but it all resorts to how much time you can devote to a project. I am but a single individual who carries an impressing number of fonts, and a couple dozen apps. Plugins save me quite a bit of time, and I don’t have to fear some catastrophic declare hidden bug.

I am gun shy of using 3rd party products as I dont know the longevity of them. There are a few exceptions. @Christian Schmitz of MBS (plugins) and @Bob Keeney of Bkeeney. I have used/bought several others with mixed results (on longevity).

Thanks to all the plugin writers!