The Xojo Blues

With apologies to Glenn Frye. And Geoff Perlman. And Dana Brown. And Alyssa and Norman and Greg. And everybody else. :slight_smile:

There’s trouble in the IDE
I can feel it in my bones
I had a premonition
That I should not code alone.
I had the project loaded
But I didn’t think it’d fry
Then everything exploded
And the OS blew sky high

So baby, here’s a printout
And a rabbit’s foot for luck
And here’s a little floppy
Do it just the way we talked
You debug for twenty hours
And I’ll pay you twenty bucks
I’m sorry it went down like this
But some chip had to fuse
It’s the nature of the business
It’s the Xojo blues.

The newbies and the old school
The VB and Obj-C
The threads that access UI
And DoEvents in perpetuity
No matter if it’s XojoScript or plugins, it’ll crash
You’ll need a Dictionary
Cause you always have to hash
There’s lots of “upper characters”
And lots of kludgey code
Every function’s overloaded
And every global is exposed
It’s the lure of easy coding
It’s gotta very long reload.

Perhaps you’d understand it better
If the id’s weren’t reused
It’s the ultimate in coding
It’s the Xojo blues
Xojo blues

You see it in the release notes
You can hear it every day
They say they’re gonna fix it
But it does not go away
They announce it at XDC
It’ll be here in Q4
You know you can work around it
But is always is a chore
It’s propping up some websites in Columbia and Peru
You ask any engineer
He’ll say there’s nothing they can do
From the office of Geoff Perlman
Right down to me and you

It’s a golden opportunity
And one you can’t refuse
It’s the promise of cross-platform
It’s the Xojo blues
Xojo blues

Very funny. Bugs are the way of life. Just try with another IDE. What I find most annoying is the “It’ll be here in Q4” thingy.

Happy first of may! Day of work means day off here in Germany.


… got my xojo working, but it just won’t work on you …

I too feel insecure when running Xojo.

What about J.J. Cale’s nummer Mojo.
All we have to do is change Mojo into Xojo. :wink:

I’ve got my Xojo working but it just don’t work on you
I’ve got my Xojo working but it just don’t work on you
I done tried it in New York city, now I’m gonna try it out on you
I’ve got my Xojo working
I’ve got my Xojo working
Lord, I’ve got my Xojo working
I’ve got my Xojo working
I’ve got my Xojo working, it just don’t work on you

[edit]Oops! it’s the same song as Oliver is referring to.[/edit]

Good stuff. I’d love to see my favorite Eagles song, “Get Over It”, parodied for Xojo.

Love it!

Probably the only blues song with the word “perpetuity”. :slight_smile:

In case you’re not old enough to recognize it, it’s to the tune of Smugglers Blues. I ran into a parody called Programmers Blues back in the late 80’s. I looked around for it recently, but the only one I could find online is slightly different. So I reproduced it for Xojo. This is purely for fun. It’s not meant as a commentary on Xojo in any way.

I linked the video above, Tim.

Thanks. I thought I had clicked your link, but apparently not.

creative brilliant write Tim!!!

RIP Glenn Frey. The world will miss you.

Spend 10 minutes on this thread. Did not solve my coding problem this time.